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Heating a room

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Our house is more or less kept warm with the log burner, it heats the downstairs quite well including our bedroom. Upstairs the youngest has the chimney breast running through his room and this takes the chill off his room. He's a hot kid, even in winter I need to pull his duvet off him as he gets red hot in bed so I'm not worried about his room. My problem room is the eldests bedroom.....he's a teenager so lives in there and his room is freezing. My summer job is to drop half the ceiling and insulate it ( it's a strange shape dormer room).

What would be the cheapest way to heat a one small bedroom? Now I'm not tight.... but he's a teenager.....and the minute I give him a heater he will switch it on and forget about it! He's already having 20 min showers before going out to work on his love bite collection.

Any ideas?

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