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Covid thread disappeared????

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Leave the lad alone ffs ,your making a show of yourself .

I dont think anyone really gives a shit what is said on here, surely?  I thought some of the personal shit thrown at Max about his wife and kid was out of order, he gave a load back and I'm prett

Too many convenient coincidences for my liking ...all the mods are freemasons ...coincidence? Walshie works for big pharma ..coincidence? Socks is a government hitman ....coincidence? B

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18 minutes ago, Francie said:

Went back 20 pages couldn't find it,also searched for it????????

So il put this hear,more conspiracys confirmed by there own data


it’s because you pulled a new mod about his silly f***ing views re covid there not there to go back and see now 

leopards don’t change there’s spot i wonder we’re he learned how to cover his tracks 😁😏

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2 minutes ago, mC HULL said:

the site would be a much better place with the likes of tomo charts and dare i say it katchum lpd as mods 😂 

err no thanks.....it's a thankless job and I don't envy any of the chaps that do it...

I also have no issues with guys that are mods...I just think they should pretty much leave threads alone...

unless something is bang out of order....and in those cases maybe just delete individual posts...


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1 minute ago, mC HULL said:

i was going to say black neck aswell but it would be like an asylum 😂 

Ye can't just delete a topic because someone asked which mod pulled the trigger I wonder mc?

Edited by Francie
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