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World Cup Thread 2022

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I think your eyes must be f****d Ray...lol It came down to a missed penalty, we were the better side for large parts, most of these lads are under 25 and boys like Bellingham are playing like sea

I agree entirely, mate 👍 England took the knee against the USA, but they didn't ! Isn't the USA where all that nonsense started ? Then the sight of a team representing England kneeling in fr

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5 hours ago, Blackmag said:

Weres all this extra time coming from in matches I didn't watch the game but reading the reports Wales looked tired and with bale or Ramsay not getting in to the game Wales were going to struggle but fair play to Iran they sounded the better team all the game and deserved the win and credit to the Welsh fans for giving them a standing ovation for the way they played 

This has been a big topic amongst the office. Someone is gonna be upset by it :whistling: 😂

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Chasing McGuire on free kicks , a blind man can track that clown , find stones , walker or even Kane ??  I mean it’s not like we have forwards is it ? 

two phase free kicks ? Jesus 

Trying to be all tactical nous , this ain’t the team to do that , let them know they are in a battle , we have pace but are letting them sit with a high line . Force them back down the wings , bend the high line . Slow transitions , Bellingham not quite the icon he was made ti be from the Iran game is he ? 

we’re letting them play like that . Take the ball and keep it in the channels , that’s what we did in euros and it’s like we’re a different team already . England need to play like England . Fight 

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The yanks playing in the premier leagues/champions have taken that difference in play, home. Eg British footie is far more aggressive than European. They’ve taken the styles and done that playbook shit they do with all their other sports…

(I was in a bar last night and caused an occasion lol). Had a to do with a chap (yank) who was about 12’ taller than me 😂 and being a loud cnut (he rubbed my head 💁‍♂️) they had that the shoite on the Telly. It was touchy as f**k, hurt handball, I told him. He didn’t like that… two huge Dutch guys came to my defense. I told them I’m ok lads, this chap only wants a cuddle before tomorrow 🤣

Please England win 😂

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10 minutes ago, Jonjon79 said:

Have they got enough 'aspiring young rappers' to bollocks the penalties again if they're needed? :hmm: :whistling:

makes you sick that your english don’t it 

shame russia are barred or id a watched them and cheered em on 

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