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World Cup Thread 2022

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I think your eyes must be f****d Ray...lol It came down to a missed penalty, we were the better side for large parts, most of these lads are under 25 and boys like Bellingham are playing like sea

I agree entirely, mate 👍 England took the knee against the USA, but they didn't ! Isn't the USA where all that nonsense started ? Then the sight of a team representing England kneeling in fr

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17 hours ago, THE STIFFMEISTER said:

I’m normally the last ti be swept up in euphoria , I like being awkward and going against the grain by saying awkward things in the face of popular opinion . 
but I’m not afraid to say it , I’m not shy …..



Hes a vvanker, needs a good kicking and told to wise up, leave the politics and faggotry out of sport,them poofs have gotten their warped claws into too much already ffs

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3 hours ago, paulus said:

England just need to beat the USA tonight to guarantee going through with a game in hand. No easy task mind as we have never actually ever beaten the USA best we ever managed was a draw. 

England have beaten the USA 8 times. 

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22 minutes ago, gnasher16 said:

I might be talking bollocks but i wouldnt mind betting we've never beaten USA in anything apart from a friendly.

1992, i was in minniesota, just an 11 yr old kid, the olympics were on the tv and the yanks were all into the athletics as ya know, well they were all cheering in the spirit before it started then big linford won gold, i jumped up and shouted yooooooo go on linford, the look on their faces

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