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Fykes , lobster pots ect

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Any you guys happen to have any videos from y'all's way in building traditional lobster pots fykes and the like. Remember when I first learned the basics of net making I had found a video of old guy from the UK showing how he makes lobster posts from scratch. Could never get is method.. anyhow anyone made a video on howe they where made from scratch? If so link please 

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On 28/10/2022 at 08:28, Greyman said:

You can make them from plastic 25 litre drums or laundry baskets if you just want to catch some or do you want to learn the old skills ? 

I like learning old skills honestly. Been building all sorts of nets for a while now , started when I was like 13 and I'm 24 now and I build hoops ,gill , and wire nets mainly for my own fun but like trying to learn other stuff. Honestly stared by learning how but make purse nets from a few UK guys back when I first discovered you tube.

Just wire nets I put together from time to time


The math becomes a pain at times but there something magical about it I absolutely love. If only peoel who see me do it would stop asking if I could knit a blanket or a hat ?

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On 28/10/2022 at 06:43, Arry said:

Are you talking traditional willow crab/lobster pots Wolfdog?

Try this.

Cheers Arry

No that that kind , never seen that sort before honestly but I'm very interested now however ?? referring to this type


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