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Are these any good to any of you that reload, there’s 30 .243 once fired, most are Sako with a couple of Norma and there’s 30 .223 once fired and all of them are Hornady, if anyone can use them let me know and I’ll send them to you, if not they will be tossed in the scrap bin 



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Nice one Stavross , very generous as usual. I get good results with my .223 with a 50grn Vmax , using Vihtavuori 135 . I would post what measure I use but it’s over what is in the manual, and someone is bound to blow heir face off and then take me to court. 🙄 Tbh I’m doing most of my shooting with the .243 now . I get unbelievable accuracy and better stopping power than the .223 . But like bumpy says it’s louder . But while I don’t want to draw any attention or disturb the locals , I’ve got every right to be where I am and do what I do so they are going to have to put up with the odd bang . The only time I reign it in is around stupid horses . I hate horses and the silly bitches that ride em .😡

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