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Kennel base

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1 hour ago, Mother_Mary said:

Tile it?


23 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

I've done concrete printing,not done the resin stuff,what about 600 x 600 floor tiles?be cheapest option,plenty of SBR on them stop them moving👍

Not a bad shout but I've got a bank of 3 at 3x3m each, so I'll have to price up options 👍

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Work for a resin supplier but we only sell polyester resins not epoxy floor or drive PU resins etc. Wont key directly to it but can use G4 to seal and prime or cure it concrete primer (all similar just rebranded). Then go onto it with budget roofing resin. Just the same principal roofers would do for concrete garage roof etc where they dont want to batten and overboard it with osb3 first or doing a concrete balcony, fibreglass pond. Be stronger than any paint because of the matting reinforcement. Just a bit more faff and again only as good as your base if its loose etc. Topcoat it if your arsed about a proper colour opacity/aesthetic or arsed the uv fading/perishing laminate over time if not roofed kennel blocks….can always sand and acetone it and give it another lick of resin or with matting over time. 

Be easier tile it. Or PU overlay system again with concrete primer. 

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