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Winchester 42 grainers

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Had some boxes of the 42 grain “USA” production subbies and took then back. Issues with them not all being subsonic and hence not grouping - no real surprise there. A shame as I’ve been more than happy with both the 40’s & 42’s for many a year which from memory were produced in Australia? 
The US stuff was in different packaging, loose in a smaller box sort of top n tailed as opposed to all sitting in a little tray.

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I got 500 Norma a few weeks ago just because they were the cheapest in the shop and they are spot on in the little cz, I stopped using Winnie’s because they were to inconsistent and went onto CCI and they were good, I think they were £9 a hundred 

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On 14/09/2022 at 09:59, samboy said:

Went out this morning and put a few rounds through the rifle. Eley not bad, Norma a bit spready but CCI were virtually spot on. 

Will give them another trial next week.

Gave the CCI a bashing this morning  while zeroing my scope in and they were perfect.  So CCi for me.

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