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Finally 97 is Fixed

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First of all everyone,. 

Sorry for being such a shit member. 

I've had so much going on you woudknt Adam and Eve it 

Anyone I got into fixing the 97 and finished it tonight. 

The longevity of the tune will pay out in time. 

But I've sorted the power and consistency 11.8 now max.. Lowest 11.6 with 8.4grains 

Very happy with that and the target results more to come of them soon.

Hope all is well everyone 


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On 11/09/2022 at 21:49, tomburras said:

Glad you have plenty of work!

What have you done with it?

Short Stroke, custom spring, walnut custom stock, adjustable comb and hours and hours of finishing.. Its not that tuned. It's good mind. 

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