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If she's there ,she is getting it ,and that will leave 11 

Shut up with the disgusting comments you’ve made before.    you’ve been referred to as a dirty old man more then once 

I only got to make mod on here an I’ll have completed mine 😎

When I showed that girl dancing, you went right off the fukking handle. Publicly giving it large to the tune that I was disgusting and practically a fukking paedophile for so much as looking twice at such.

Double standards, or straight hypocrisy?


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Are you comparing what I just said ,to the vid you just put up ?

I can't remember what I said ,I doubt I "went right of the handle " or implied you were a paedophile ,but it obviously rankled with you ,did you say something back at the time or have you been waiting for me to make an off colour joke so you can bring out the double standard shout 

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1 minute ago, Astanley said:

 off colour joke

:clapper: I fukking Knew it! Classic Stan deflection; 'You misunderstood my dry humour.' I was going to state ye'd fall back on that one :rolleyes:

" Are you comparing what I just said ,to the vid you just put up ? "

I think a blind idiot could fathom that one. I show a girl, dancing before a mixed audience, saying I think it's terrific ~ which I did, and do. It's a popular form of slightly spicy entertainment, in the east. You made a Big display of losing ye shit with me. Voicing ye disgust with me.

You openly post ye'd like to fukk a girl like Petersons daughter? Crickets.

What " Rankles " me is simply the hypocrisy. Nothing more. Nothing less.


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