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The Unintended Keeper ( Diary of a keeping blagger )

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Well that’s it for another season  last Saturday was game shooting at its best, lovely clear day, freezing cold and just syndicate members shooting ( and my mate Mosh, but he’s with me, so that’s

Well thank you SL. I have just completed my suspension and read the above posts.  Going forward I will not make any more negative comments and hopefully get this section back to the way it u

So. I’ve decided to start a new thread for the 22/23 season up at the shoot now as you know I’ve been involved with my shoot for a long time ( 15 years or so ) my intention when I joined was to s

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I used a quad for years and I rolled it on me once . But it was my fault , I traversed a slope sideways which is a no no . Provided you are sensible they are brilliant. A mule or gator would be my preference as you keep dry and can cart more kit and feed around . But a couple of years ago it rained non stop and the mule kept bottoming out and sliding around and I wished I had a quad . 



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5 hours ago, Sausagedog said:

Glad your ok.

If nettles stings are bad take a sprig of thistle, lay it in the crotch of your pants and pull them up quickly. No more nettle stinging!

Look FH compassion and concern for my wellbeing and sound advice ? LEARN FROM IT ?

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Like a summers day up there today, the big field along side the piggeries wood was only drilled a few days ago but with the wet and warm it’s already through, the birds are still wanting to be in the sun on the bank side at the back of the farm, they are still heading back to the pen to feed and roost so fingers crossed for a little more warm weather to stop them wandering into deeper cover for warmth ? oh and the deer aren’t half getting through some apples, I still haven’t seen the buggers ?




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I wonder if Badgers are eating the apples. They love them when it’s dry weather and there aren’t many worms . 
           A mate of mine reckoned he had deer eating his apples . I waited out with him because he wanted some venison and didn’t have a rifle . He was gutted when Brock turned up and started eating them . ?

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5 minutes ago, Stavross said:

I know there’s deer taking them at one spot because there’s a lot of slotting around there, but I think you could be right at the other spot 

Check out their latrines , they don’t digest Apple all that well and you will see it in the droppings if they are eating them . Otherwise just stick a trail cam up , and show us what’s taking them . 
             Sorry Stavross, I’ve got to switch off . I’m not a keeper anymore. But I can’t stop thinking like one . “ Deep breath , in through the nose , and out through the mouth “. “In ………,,. and out , and in ……..and out . That’s better . ?

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A trip up to the shoot for an hour or so this evening, there’s a noticeable change in the weather still nice but definitely a nip in the air when the sun goes down, anyway only seen one fox and that came into a vixen call but didn’t come through the rape enough to present a shot before something spooked it and it was back into the oak wood, there was a lot of deer about tonight, mainly fallow doe but I did see one prickett and a roe buck, I think I counted 14 in all and that’s some good numbers for my little patch, I hope forestry don’t hammer them come November but I think I know the answer to that, well as I had to drop her indoors off at Newcastle airport I thought I might as well stay up, so I’ve just got back and have now been up 24 hours and my eyes are hanging out my head, so it’s off to bed for a couple of hours and then to work out what to do with my week’s freedom besides work

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Up again this afternoon, autumn is definitely on the way, leaves are a changing, the birds are growing at a fair old rate, still wanting to be on the stubble but that’s been drilled in oats next week which will give me my next problem because they will head for the rape, I went to the bottom of the stubble to walk them in and next doors keeper was sat there in his truck, not been able to get away from me I ask him how he was getting on, “ nightmare “ he said, he can’t keep his birds out my field, I tried to console him with “ ar the know where they live” while trying not to laugh ?



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Well it might of been chucking it down but that didn’t seem to bother the flying chickens they were still loving that stubble, they are getting through a lot of feed at Gordon’s pen and I’m starting to see a few more back at the forestry pen after the mental women that were letting their wild dog run round it, I had another woman today on the track letting her fat old lab waddle after them, these people are idiots. When I was over the piggeries I seen one cock bird that was completely black apart from a small amount of green on his head, the guns better bring their wallets because I might put a fine on him it can go towards paying my fuel bill ?




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