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9 year old girl shot and killed in Liverpool.

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8 minutes ago, Bucker said:

My point was, Joseph Nee already knows the repercussions involved when you cross the man who shot at him.

I suspect he will be singing like a canary, it's the only way out for him.

for all we know...he could be behind some other cnuts demise...and it's payback time?

these f***ing clowns are happy to make the money,buy all the toys and trappings...but when it gets on top,start singing and the establishment look after you...how f****d up is that???

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Drugs and a lawless society it's not the first time a child has been shot in Liverpool i strongly believe that now is the time capital punishment should be put to a public referendum vote as to whethe

imagine being that mother and what's she's going through...we all know that vile piece of scum that shot the poor child is to blame... but that mother is always going to be thinking I wish I neve

give it a rest lads,a f***ing child has been killed and the usual suspects are at each others throats🙄... like I said,you play the game,then there should be consiquences...people earning millions

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Saying they won't grass on somebody is all well and good. But play the Devil's Advocate and would you want others to grass up the person who'd done harm to your family?

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14 minutes ago, Bucker said:

If what you're trying to say is you would try and deal with it in another way? If not and you're following this imaginary code then shame on you.

There is no code pal or honour amongst theives😂....I learnt that along time ago... everyone is responsible for their own actions,and you should be man enough to  take it on the chin when your door goes through... thankfully I grew the f**k up and got out and away from the shit,never ripped no cnut off,always payed on time.. don't live my life having to look over my shoulders because I sold some other lowlife out for a few yrs less...they are happy to take the money whens things are good... then be man enough to do the bird when they catch up with you ..it's as simple as that to me👍

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7 minutes ago, Bucker said:

As I said, how can you expect a scumbag with no morals to accept death and take a bullet, it's not going to happen.

As I said, I will be very surprised if he keeps his mouth closed, that's of course if he does actually know the shooter, that's not a given if it was a planned hit.

garenteed the shooter will known who sent him and why...a supplier he's f****d off or kept waiting?,a rival he's disrespected ?hanging out the arse of someone he shouldn't of?Yadda Yadda....

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On 23/08/2022 at 16:48, WILF said:

I’m sure you are absolutely lovely people, but you are still frost in the mortar.

Im sure you don’t think of yourself as such but there it is, some things just “are” 👍

Frost in the mortars a right bugger..... a Cnut it is 

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1 hour ago, Bucker said:

I've just seen the CCTV footage where the four gunshots can be heard, there's almost 30 secs from the first blast to the last blast.

Wether the poor girl was killed by the first short or the last shot, it just shows how evil the b*****d is.

Some dirty fcukers in the world,I'm in Dublin and it's a small enough city every one is related to someone and they would kill you within an act as we say,there's been loads of fellas killed in Dublin pushing prams or holding their kids some bloke's just don't give a f**k can't judge a fella for not opening his mouth kid's mean fcuk all to some bloke's,I know I wouldn't rat them out in my situation if I was a single bloke with no other family members maybe I'd think about it just not if I was living in this city

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18 hours ago, Nicepix said:

There were a few of them in your neck of the woods. None fatal and all carried out by noddies. Not the skilled, logical executioners you see on tv. Just some low life who was usually more scared than the  people he was supposed to threaten. The Liverpool job looks like the same sort of thing. An amateur hit man.

Probably off his head on drugs aswell when you read about assassinations like the one on John Goldfinger Palmer then the Liverpool hit man was definitely an ameture. 

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1 hour ago, socks said:

36 year old man been arrested for her murder …….

Let's Hope he gets a full life tariff no parole...and a few yrs down the line , another prisoner rubs him out,save us tax payers paying for the cnut👍

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