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The town land of Man O War sits outside Keady Co Armagh and lies directly opposite the beautiful Clay  Lake. With a backdrop of spectacular scenery,this was the perfect venue for the Man O War  annual dog show and Race Day Sunday 14th August 22. 

The show was run with impeccable organisation, with some class rosettes and trophies . There was a big turnout of loyal Canine folk from north and south of the border and this was twinned with the show rings full of  Lurchers, Terriers, Whippets , Strong Dogs and Bullies.

One of the highlights of the show for me was Niall O Cloghans Terrier Maze. The craic and the banter around the Terrier Maze was unbelievable.  This event has become very popular and a real winner at our shows up and down the country and proving a big attraction for our terrier men. Keep up the good work team O Cloghan.

There was a burger van, stalls and toilet facilities on site. The raffle generated a lot of excitement as usual with many happy punters going home with armfuls of  lovely prizes.  Morris Mc Dowell handed his raffle tickets out to the children around the ring, and it was heart warming to see the smiles on their wee faces when their number was  called. Thank you for the wine Morris , also  given  with your winning ticket. A true gentleman with a giving heart and always willing to help out at our shows no matter what the task is. 

Well done to all the children who took part in the childrens handling class. You were all winners on the day and you all made your parents very proud.  These little people are our show organisers of tomorrow, so treat them like gold dust, as we need them badly to carry on after us.  

As the temperature lowered with a cool breeze, very soon it was race time. 

The Racing commenced at approximately 12.30 noon. 

***Terrier Maze Results

1/Harry John Digging with Frank the Tank

2/ Richard O Callaghan with Marcell, handled by Glen Warwick

3/ Gareth Burnett with Dolly

**Childrens Handling Class

 Mason Thompson with Roxy


 Conghal Burke with Jack

Racing Results  ( Hope I have got them all right)

* Whippets

Sean Burke with Jack


Lisa Beggs with Prydz

* Under 21”

Patsy Mc Coy with Dallas


Rose Mc Coy with Loxi

* Under 22”

Rose Mc Coy with Texas


Yapper Hayes with Jessie

* Under 23” Elite

Kirsty Harpur with Dash


Lisa Beggs with Nina

* Lurcher under 23”

Matthew Fennelly with Leela


MJ Fennelly with Ruby

* Under  24”

Colin Tucker with Fletcher


Matthew Fennelly with MJ

* Under 24” Hairy

Shane Brett with Rose


Jonny Hunter with Jess

* Over 24” Master Mc Grath  Qualifer

Michael Mc Grath with Wexford


Michael Mc Grath with Tucker

* Hairy Dog Mick the Millar Qualifer

Adam O Riordan with Joey


Errol Gardiner with Chase

* Light  Bullx

Joyce Scott with Mabel


Mason Thompson with Roxy

* Heavy Bull x

Morris Mc Dowell with Bear


Conor Doherty with Shaq

* Terrier Race

Richard O Callaghan with Sabatoot


Harry John Digging with Galaxy

Showing Results

* Overall Champion Whippet

Sean Burke with Paddy


Colin Tucker with Cooper

* Overall Champion Lurcher

 Barry Holland with Finn


Rose Mc Coy with Aria

* Overall Champion Terrier  

 Jamie Maxwell with Stig


Kyle Quinn with Star

* Overall Champion Strong Dog

Harry John Digging with Storm


Franky Corrigan Mylo

 * Overall Champion Bullx

Sophia Kerr with Blaze


Jonny Hunter with Rex


Overall Champion Bully

Jordan Byrne with Freak


***Overall Champion and Best in Show ***

Jamie Maxwell with Stig


Sean Burke with Paddy

***Overall Champion Puppy and Best in show*** 

Harry John Digging with Karma


Naomi Chapman with Snatch

A Big Congratulations to all above  winners.

And Finally, The task of judging is not easy at anytime, but you all carried out your remit on the day with efficency and professionalism.   

The Judges were:

Whippets : Brooke Rafferty 

Lurchers: Michelle Rafferty

Bull X : Stewart Graham

Terriers : Gerald Mc Keown

Strong Dogs/Bullies : Matthew Mc Donald/Niall Mc Cann

The racing went like clockwork and without a hitch.   Well done to all involved.

 And Finally, Finally, what can I say about this young country sports women, Charlene, her daughters Brooke and Chelsea and back up team that will praise them enough for the magnificent dog show and race day  produced on Sunday. It makes me so proud to be a woman in a mans world. Charlene, your show was well organised, and evident that a lot of hard work was carried out behind the scenes to make this show such a success and most enjoyable day for everybody.  

And the final word must go to Brooke Rafferty, a young lady deeply involved with her horses, show jumping, dog shows and work in the field in the winter. For a lady of her young years, Brooke has crossed some ground in her young life. With the help of her sister Chelsea, Judging the Whippets on Sunday was a further step in her country sports career and long may it continue.  Well done Brooke and Chelsea, one proud Mama.

Charlene, we all enjoyed your show and look forward to more of the same in 2023.


Margaret Mc Stay

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      Tally Ho Christmas Dog Show and Race Day this Saturday  10/12/22
      The Tally Ho Working Dog Club Will be holding their Christmas Dog Show on 10th of December at :
      Ballee Playing Fields,
      Ballee Road West,
      Ballymena, Co Antrim
      BT42 2JU.
      There will be Showing and Racing, Kids Handling Class & Fancy Dress Class.
      Santa & Elf will be there giving out the Kids prizes.
      Also there will be a raffle for a Turkey & Ham & other prizes.
      There will be rosettes for each class winner, and trophies and meal for each ring overall winners. 
      Each Race winner will get trophy & meal. Peter would love to have trophies for all winners but it was a last minute thing to run this show.
      So come along for a great Family day out and get into the spirit of Christmas
      Gate open from 9.30am. 
      Here are the Classes for Showing and Racing.
      Racing Classes
      1 Whippet Pups.
      2 Lurcher Pups. 
      3 Whippet Dog.
      4 Whippet Bitch.
      5 Under 21.
      6 Under 24.
      7 Over 24.
      8 Bullx Dog.
      9 Bullx Bitch.
      10 Hairy.
      If enough will
      split to size.
      Booking in time will
      be between 10.30am to 11.00am
      Racing will be  run under,
      Matt Lee & Family Rules
      Each winner will get
      a Trophy/ Rosette & Meal.
      Childrens Handling and Fancy Dress Classes
      Ladies and Gents Handling Class
      1 All Pups.
      2 XL Bullies Dog & Bitch.
      3 Pockets Dog & Bitch.
      4 Old English Dog & Bitch.
      5 Staff Dog & Bitch.
      6 English Bull Dog & Bitch.
      7 Frenchie Dog & Bitch.
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      Heres are the classes for Peters choice.
      Pocket .
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      Theses dogs will be Peters choice
      It doesn't mean there better 
      than the other dogs in the ring. 
      This has nothing to do with the judge.
      Margaret Mc Stay
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    • By appleblossom
      Here is a list of the Tally Ho Xmas  Show Judges ( At Peter Morgans Show ) Saturday 10th December 22   Kids handling & Fancy dress. Margaret Mc Stay. Portadown. Terriers. Leanne Hawthorne Rea. Dungannon. Whippets . Rose McCoy. Armagh. Lurchers. Naomi Baxter. Strabane. Bullies. Gail Ross. Holywood.   Santa & Elf. Enroute from North Pole.   What a great line up of girls, who i know will do great job. Tally Ho! ( Peter Morgan )
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      The Tally Ho! Working Dog Club Christmas Show   The Tally Ho Working Dog Club Will be holding their Xmas Show, on the 10th of Dec , at Ballee Playing Fields, Ballee Road West, Ballymena, Co Antrim BT42 2JU. There will be Showing  and Racing, Kids Handling Class & Fancy Dress Class. Santa & Elf will be there giving the  Kids prizes. Also there will be a raffle for a Turkey & Ham & other prizes. There will be rosettes for each class, and  trophies and meal, for each ring overall winners.  Each Race winner will get trophy & meal. Peter would love to have trophies for all winners but it was a last minute  thing to run this show.   So come along for a great Family day out and get into the spirit of Christmas   Gate open from 9.30am.    For Tally Ho ( Peter Morgans Show )   Margaret Mc Stay
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      Another Big Christmas Show on the Horizon Sunday 18th December 22   Loud and Proud Christmas Show Sunday 18th December 22 18th December make it a big free one , Pay at gate only to cover cost of Field & Toilets Venue : Nuts Corner same as last show field !! Classes Free, Racing Free Bullys ring make it a BIG ONE !! Showing from 11am sponsored by Mtm upvc doctor Overall champion adult wins £150 Pup overall £50 Pets ring showing from 11am Overall same as above £150 / £50 Terriers ring showing from 11am £150 /£50 Lurchers is racing from 11am with handful of showing classes , winners win Dog Food and Rosettes!! Santa Will be there to do the raffle for the kids only raffle , Donations for kids raffle welcome All judges coming from Scotland!!!   Margaret Mc Stay
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