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1 hour ago, Ferretman65 said:

There learn nothing sitting in the kennels nomatter what your hunting get them out.and about pups need to get out to see what's going on well that's me put each to their own 

Mate I get them out at it before there even born 

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I once Bred a terrier bitch out my best dog and bitch I had at the time...was out 2/3 times a week ,clipped up next to the digs, listening and taking it all in..every other pup from the litter was fly

Never known a dog ruined by holding it back a itte bit seen plenty ruined started to young 

Don’t listen to anybody but your gut, try it when you think it’s ready an if it do it do an if it don’t it don’t, pointless getting all hung up on it, it’s a funny ole thing but iv saw the skinniest s

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22 hours ago, Aussie Whip said:

My mate had two English Mastiff/Danes that would run away if confronted by other dogs, even a mini fox terrier one time. The same dogs used to kill boars by crushing their skulls. It's a good thing for hunting dogs to be not dog aggressive.

Not only is it a good thing but a prerequisite in my book, plenty of good dogs with bad people problems Ive had plenty of pig and fox dogs none were dog aggressive although I have had a couple that just didnt get along

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In answer to your question, you will get varying opinions on this subject but here’s mine for what it’s worth, some hounds take longer to mature mentally than others (up to 2 1/2 years for some I’ve seen) if he/she is still puppyish one tip many may not agree but it’s worked for me take him on a lead with other dogmen with going dogs and just let him see the business sometimes that’s all it takes to turn a dog on, the more exposure he gets the better when you think he is ready let him join in not before then you can start him on his own, that method has worked for hesitant starters for me in the past every dog is different some just do it from day one on their own we all wish they were all like that but that’s not my experience especially with hound crosses.

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On 12/08/2022 at 15:35, Black neck said:

Dogs that are bolshy and act aggressive are often the opposite when it comes time 2 stop saying things and quiet placid un does the business, can be the same wi people not allus mind

Who the hell is this, and why have you hacked the account of neck?

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My old half cross was the most laid back dog but when it came to foxes he was a demon same as my old black bitch just chilled out all day brilliant with dogs and people but when it came to hunting was a brilliant dog never took a backwards step atb longers01 

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20 minutes ago, Wideboy said:

You know what they say…… if the river is red, take the dirt track instead 😳

Trust you 2 take a perfectly good thread down the road of mindless vulgarity 

I for 1 am appalled 

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On 12/08/2022 at 15:19, gnipper said:

Being submissive to other dogs is no sign of being soft with quarry imo you won't know until you try him. 

spot on mate,  my big dog Buck, always been soft with dogs all his life , ive said few times on here , ive had dogs kick off on him, and he just moves away from them he dont want any trouble . But  the same dog would kill a fox, bust there ribs up with one bite no prob, he brought them back to me like a feckin rabbit lol . i used to him now he 10 now, dont get wrong i did find it hard to understand him  really, big strong 28in  88lb dog , have dogs pick on him, never fight back, but like my wife always said to me, thank your blessing  he his, or he be nightmare to take out, he could damage any dog badly deff. the lads dog 19 month old,  it temp might not change a great deal,  it got till about 2 1/2  i think by then it norm mature in temp with dogs etc, but hunting  more so foxes it will or it wont .?? 

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On 13/08/2022 at 20:34, dogmandont said:

Genuine question stonewall but do you always wait until your terriers are 2 years old before starting them? 


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On 12/08/2022 at 15:25, Samrog said:

Thank you. I’ve long worded it but this was my main worry and question. 

My 4 year old bedy grey as soft as they come around other dogs but very switched on when it comes to stuff to run

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