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Jill loosing hair on tail

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Hi all, my Jill came back into season and because she is staying at my mates for a week I got the jab to be on the safe side she started loosing hair on her tail a few weeks before coming into season and it’s just gotten worse and worse and now she has no hair on the underside of her tail when I went to the vets for the jab she told me it’s probably the heat whereas I think it’s adrenal disease. Her hair now comes out very easily when handling. Hopefully she is shedding and it will come back at some point however it doesn’t look very promising any ideas? Should I go to the vets for treatment or leave it and see if it fixes itself and then if not go to the vets at a later date? Cheers👍🏻

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I think its rats tail as her hormones are screwed due to being in season then getting jabbed when she moults out for the winter it should sort its self out 

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Most years one of my Jill's suffers severe hair loss, the tail is the focus of loss and I don't associate it with adrenal cancer. Unless the Jill is clearly showing illness symptoms she's likely to regrow that hair in the autumn. In fact I have had a Jill who was obviously showing early cancer symptoms lose almost all her hair and regrow it completely before she died.

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