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I feed mine on raw, usually minced chicken, green tripe or salmon. They also get raw lamb and beef bones, and chicken wings and carcasses; But I also get a bag of cheap complete to use as a

It doesn’t matter how much googling you do a dogs digestive system is designed to eat and process a certain type of food. And it isn’t dry biscuits made in a lab.  

they have there owner on a vegan diet 😂 

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1 hour ago, baker boy said:

Fckn kibble, yankee bollox creeping again, its fckn complete or dry over here

Im with you there mate.. it gets on your tits every body trying to sound like yanks...fking kibble!!!!!

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18 hours ago, mC HULL said:

never liked the red mills myself jeemes 

id use james well beloved or arden grange or eukanuba 👍

Well because its sold for the industry its levels are supposed to be guaranteed when leaving the factory, where as just working dog does not. Ive found it fine and not likely to give a lot of shit, but then we feed mostly beef raw, and add our own things like brewers yeast, codliver oil, eggs, dried garlic etc. Ive fed eukanuba to pups and I know its good, but I dont think you can beat beef really.

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2 hours ago, Dennis up said:

Raw is great if you can get a good balance and deal with the stuff in the summer. For me a complete quality diet takes the hassle and guess work out of feeding. 

All you need do is have it frozen, then put in a bucket with a lid to thaw overnight or even in the morning on very hot days. I sometimes give a dog a frozen squirrel or rabbit in very hot weather like a lollypop,they love that. 

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57 minutes ago, jeemes said:

All you need do is have it frozen, then put in a bucket with a lid to thaw overnight or even in the morning on very hot days. I sometimes give a dog a frozen squirrel or rabbit in very hot weather like a lollypop,they love that. 

Bullxs respond very well to the vegan diet 

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2 minutes ago, mC HULL said:

they have there owner on a vegan diet 😂 

Thats why yours need the best feet, they take that f****n long to catch anything, and then its only veggies they catch hold of...👍

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23 hours ago, D Lloyd said:

Never been one for feeding it to adults or pups but is there a really good food out there I'll not be stopping the meat jest adding it as a Extra meal or mixing it

Iv tried them all even orijen which I think is overrated the best iv found is aatu pal👌

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1 hour ago, D Lloyd said:

Lol wtf a nugger

I spent abot time in Papua new guinea, it's just means mate or mucker ,also means something else to some of the lesser known tribes of the Congo basin so dunt be shouting it if you get round them ends bruh

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Always fed a really good puppy kibble to all of my pups, along with their totally mixed diet. You've simply got to do your very best at that age.

For grown dogs I've got access to good raw food, chicken carcasses in the main but I now can get just about anything I want. Kibble is far less important to me or my dogs. My local greyhound supply man is a good mate and over the years I've tried just about every kibble on the market off him but with such a good meat supply, I just buy Lidl's working dog complete. It's dirt cheap, easy to purchase, always available and, even when fed on its own, produces hard, pellet like turds. I'm not shoveling slop...!

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Same Lidl working dog complete, only prob is run the risk of coming out with an inflatable dinghy or some other random stuff I don’t need out there middle section😆. Used to get chicken carcasses form forresters chicken, then they stopped and did massive bags of chicken breast for couple of quid. Preferred the carcasses but still great value and dogs looked well. Theyve stopped doing that now though maybe some pet places have moaned and dobbed them in…maybe you need seperate pet food licence don’t know only guessing. 

Thought the Lidl meal on its own not good enough (while find another raw place) so tried skinners Field and trial but dogs weren’t keen on it and lost condition. More lurchers coat tbh all dry and brittle, lost all gis back end . So back to Lidl and table scraps for now. Used to meet a greyhound guy in a pub in st helens for all sorts but lost his details and his vans not been there times I used to go. 

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