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Cows milk goats milk

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10 hours ago, levigsp said:

Not all true I'm afraid.

All pups produce lactase and most 99%+ do so for the rest of their lifetime, but in a smaller amount after weaning.

However if a pup is started on milk at lets say 3 weeks as a supplement and fed milk on a regular basis right through its lifetime it will produce lactase at the correct rate to utilise the milk.

Humans are no different and people like myself who have drunk milk their entire life and have no issue. However you stop the supply of milk for a year and its a different story,  leading to the intolerance.

Myself I have always few my dogs from 3 weeks to 3 months on goats milk added to their meat diet and then they get milk, etc for the rest of their life.

Lactase production is negligible after weaning and is genetically predetermined. 




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9 hours ago, thefensarefarbutistillgo said:

How’s that ? Lactol is a powder formula puppy milk 

Because your exact words were"

I always use lactol I got told not to give dogs cows 🐄 milk 🥛 as they are lactose intolerant 

The contradiction is the fact Lactol contains lactose!!!!
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