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Is FAC air caliber specific?.

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 Any one know when applying for an FAC for an air rifle do you have to state which calibre you wish to possess? and I'm assuming you have to put a moderator on the application as well?. Cheers.


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22 minutes ago, villaman said:

And mod as well

Got an S410 and been thinking of getting a S510XS added to my licence. Wasn't sure if it was cal specific. Now I know, cheers!.

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45 minutes ago, villaman said:

Yes you have to state what cal 

Just looking at the application form now.  For ammunition it says 'quantity to be possessed', would that be , say, 500 for a tin of pellets?. Just looked at the FX rifles. Not a fan of the bottled ones but I do like the Dreamline, especially in the plastic stock or 'synthetic' as they call it.

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1 hour ago, villaman said:

Probably not . As you know FAC crown is my used FAC gun & my favourite 

I keep thinking about an fac crown in .177 but I haven’t any experience of .177 fac. I’d be interested in trying one, but it could be an expensive mistake? I know people say that they just drill tiny holes things, but have they actually used one, or is it just assumption? I suppose I could easily convert it to .25, but that’s another expense and I don’t really need an fac .25 because I’ve got three rimfires. What’s your views on the .177 fac ?

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