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I love this sort of happy ending story👍 and how great that she was a decent working dog too. There must be so many dogs either with rubbish owners or those who have no idea what their dog is capable of.

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5 hours ago, riohog said:

1 found this old photo must have been early to mid eightys ,,i never knew much about the bitch  apart from she was  sal x grey , i got her off a keeper  he got a call from his boss  on a chrismas day  some lads were coursing on the land , anyway they fkd off  after a chase  but this bitch was still chasing  and they left her , 2 days later she walked into the farm yard in a right state  pads ripped and bleeding  and so on , ,anyway the keeper fed her chucked her in a kennel  , he rang me ,said do you want a running dog/  so i went to the yard  she was in a right mess  , but i took her  nursed her back to health ,we reconed she was about 4 or 5 years old at that time ,she wasnt much to look at , but probebly the best hunting dog i ever owned .she would take anything  , bless her  probebly about 8 years old in the picture and still catching gear  she went on for a good few years  after , and well into her teens when she died  ,  

Previous owner probably a hero in the coursing world

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5 minutes ago, baker boy said:

Previous owner probably a hero in the coursing world

yep  theres lots of them about 😀 id call him a cutn for leaving the dog in the field  ,  fkn glad he did  recon she had a better long life with me ,,,,,

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2 hours ago, Forager69 said:

Looks a nice dog, are you sure it didn't have collie in the mix?

i couldnt give a fk if it had honey badger in the mix  

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