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Lad-Lass sues NHS...

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Just now, DIDO.1 said:

Raised 82 quid of 23,000 it wanted....in 11 months 🤣🤣

The guy tried to kill himself several times, he clearly has mental health issues, a bargain basement sex-change in some back-street Bangkok clinic is the last thing he she should be looking at, what is wrong with society when it's seen as trendy to get your genitals chopped off 🙄

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It seems to me that this whole situation with these people should be sparking calls for more funding for mental health services.


You can't just decide to morph into whatever you want to be, that's impossible - they need to be told to go and get your head checked.

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Think these unfortunates should be protected from themselves. Surgery doesn't cure anything imo.It just makes them look odd, and then they become victims because kids and yobs poke fun at them.Medics should concentrate on their minds, not on their bodies.

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2 hours ago, mackem said:

The guy tried to kill himself several times,

Suicide rate for pre op transexuals is 40+%

Suicide rate for post op transexuals is 40+%

Show the fckrs the door stop pandering to them and spend the money on something usefull

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6 minutes ago, pesky1972 said:

You reap what you sew.

Darn funny that remark. Had me in stitches. Life is a tapestry.

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