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I lent an air rifle to my dad, as he's getting rats on bird feeder. Now my dad is not into shooting at all. He's just phoned to say he "thinks" he's got 3 pellets stuck up the barrel.... I'll pick it up weekend- what do people suggest? Its only a £250 stoeger so I don't wanna spend a wedge sending to someone. Any advice appreciated (and no he won't be left unsupervised again!)

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push them out with a long piece of brass rod if you can get some, or straitened out a coat hanger or similar wire BUT COAT THE WIRE WITH ELECTRICAL TAPE OR SIMILAR so as not to damage the barrel . This is what I would do and have done I am not saying this is the correct method , 


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Right, I've got 3 pellets out easy using .17 cleaning rod. But there's something up with trigger. The rifle isn't firing at all and trigger seems loose (sloppy like dad said). In his defence I think this trigger issue must have happened, didn't fire & he re cocked it....twice!!
I only got it on Monday new. Any ideas if I can DIY fix it? Shop is an hour away...

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Is it still cocked Ben? Does it have auto safety and if so, has the safety catch stuck in the safe position? It might be worth taking the stock off and having a look if the trigger axis pin has come out at one end allowing the trigger to float and not engage with the sear. If there’s nothing obvious, I’d take it back to the shop if you’ve only just bought it.

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