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Cine world pulls movie after four days....

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I'd like to know what bunch of people sat round a table and said this movie seems like winner, let's do it! 

Say what ye want about the smelly cnuts but they sure know how to get what they want 


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2 hours ago, baker boy said:

If moslems want something they protest and it happens

If moslems dont want something they protest and it doesnt happen

We as a nation are done, welcome to britainistan

i think this is more about muslims upsetting other muslims to be honest ,most non muslim brits wouldn't go and watch that film i wouldn't think 

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1 hour ago, TRUEBRIT66 said:

Cant wait to watch it trailer looks like a mix of The Mummy and Game of thrones............wicked👍

To be fair, it does look like a good film.

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25 minutes ago, Borr said:

Might wait for Netflix...


I was just thinking; That comes out on Flix or Prime? I'll certainly be having a look! :yes:

Don't look like some half baked B film, do it?

No wonder the book burners are going fukking hysterical.

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Not sure about the details of the film, but watching those for and those against being interviewed on various news channels it looks like it' Sunni Muslims v Shiite Muslims .

The producers and financial backers are Muslim, and those wanting it banned are Muslim.

The only effect it all seems to be having is people who would never have dreamt of watching it, will do now !

As they say, "There's no such thing as bad publicity" !


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