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had a go at this maybe 4-5 years ago and it did not just feel like my kind of shooting.tried 3-4 times and only got 17/25 max.yet had a go on tuesday evening and really liked it a lot.how things change.first round was 20/25 and the second was 21/25.happy as a pig in shite and have no idea why i liked it so much so it looks like more dtl and less sporting for me in the future.

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I must confess my wife likes to shoot DTL and its good fun but I do get a bit grumpy if I completely miss a bird however it's a good warm up before I go on the Olympic Trap layouts, now those buggers are fast. I still shoot a bit of sporting especially at John Bidwell's shooting ground, High Lodge in Suffolk when we stay there. We are booked in for a week in October and I am rally looking forward to it.

Try to use 1/2 choke for your first shot and no more than 3/4 for the second, if needed, thats all I use for all my trap shooting as does my wife and she is only using 21gr cartridges, just a thought.


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well things are improving.tried 3/4 and full tonight with no8,s and hit 23 on the first go and then 23 again on the 2nd try 😀.as said you do get grumpy if you completely miss one but i did outscore everyone else tonight.

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