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Northern Munties??

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Don't tell pegandgun that, he won't be happy.....:realmad:



thats me local place on top to feck there though everyone goes there :feck::laugh:


:whistling::whistling::whistling: must admit , wynyard does get abit hammerd now as does samsung woods , ive been over POW HILL way near consett and seen them ...



That really does suprise me. Wouldn't have thought the ground would be right for them up there. Roe maybe, but munties :hmm:

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Heard of them apparently being in Glasgow??


They breed well and spread well, only a little time and they will be everywhere! :gunsmilie:

GOOD they have been seen down in south devon but mself and the clic of freinds i have .have never spotted one,look forward to the day when there well est here just like are wild boar population :thumbs:

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