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The happy couple?

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What is people's experience of having a fertile Jill and a vasectimied hob living/working together. Would be in the same cage. Want a vasectimied hob to take my Jill out of season but can't seem to find one on loan so thought maybe get an in tact hob, have it snipped and get him to take her out of season every time she's in season. Don't have the space to keep them separate. Obviously different individual ferrets have different temperaments but can it be done...?

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Our hob has just been reintroduced to the Jill's after his snip,...he lives with 3 Jill's the whole time and he does the job,he's covered all 3 and they get on grand,.

..I'd expect anyone after paying near 150 for the operation would be slow to lend the hob out ,I know I wouldn't be willing to give it to others,disease,or carelessness,being main reasons for this




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I’ve a vas hob with 3 jills all year round, no problems. 

I’d have no problem letting someone use my hob to take their jill out of season but the jill would have to come to the hob for the service. 

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It's finding a vet that will do it I've found. All the ones local would castrate but not vasectomise. Was about 10 years or so again mind. 

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5 minutes ago, gnipper said:

Surely it would be easier to get your jill neutered for just one jill?

Or get her jabbed and worry about it next year.. 🤣

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2 minutes ago, gnipper said:

Our vets wanted a fortune for that, consultation fee and then the price of the bottle of jab.

Happened to me. The next vet I tried charged per jab, but I took one to thumb when I was holding the ferret so she could administer it! 🙈🤣


I didn't come into season after it mind. 👍🤣

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