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Best ferreting dog (Non Lurcher)

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A JR I had as a young fella. His qualities were endless Would track a rabbit like a hound and he would spend as long as it took working the scent out and would not quit. Once he hit a line it pret

This terrier was a more than a competent ferreting dog. Not a job he was bred or really trained for but just took to everything. Particularly useful in places where rabbits were thin on the ground, or

This Border Collie was superb.... 👏  

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Seen plenty of types of dogs work well to ferrets but one sticks out , was a small lurcher type crossed with a Staffordshire bull terrier , not a game one , or an athletic one , more l8ke a pet one , speed wise wasn’t the fastes but it’s désire to catch and kill made it a demon , would take ducks of side bond hare in seat rabbits bolting and in rough , but it was simply mugging , 

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A very large "staff type " called Big Tony. Marked like anything and you could rely 100 % on him. Not that fast but would split a bramble Bush chasing one that slipped the net. Would whine if a ferret was up and wandering in the Bush. Loved a rat but would never harm a ferret,  Back when I raced pigeons he would sit on a seat next to me and scan the sky. When a bird come he would jump down and stand by the back door until I had timed in. Then he would expect a tripe stick ! Only made 10 as he got cancer but by f**ck he killed some stuff. Been gone 15 year now and I've got other dogs since ( always only had lurchers) but christ I miss him and have never in  all my life (60yr) had such a good ferreting mut 


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36 minutes ago, terryd said:

A JR I had as a young fella.
His qualities were endless
Would track a rabbit like a hound and he would spend as long as it took working the scent out and would not quit. Once he hit a line it pretty much game over if I did my bit once it went to ground.
If a rabbit bolted and slipped the nets he would follow it to ground then turn round and come back and help out until it was clear then take me where he had marked.
If a rabbit bolted through sheep he would run wide so as to go around the sheep rather the storm through them if he could.
110% with sheep I could literally bet an arm on him.
Marked silent and never dug. Never went to ground on rabbits
I have said it before if he marked and I couldn't see him and said where are you he would give a quiet woof. If I called twice more each woof got louder. But after three woofs that was my lot lol though he would some times come to get me.
If cows came to close to the holes when ferreting he would herd them back a bit out the way then come back to the job in hand 
He worked at a tidy range too until he hit a scent.
He was also an earth dog and stayed until dug.
A real jack of all trades.
Still remember taking him to the vets with his stomach tumour not to return and he gave me a slopping great lick on the mush as I was driving him there :( 


He sounds like a special little dog for you Terry. Nice tribute to his efforts for you.

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After me lurchers then it easy a collie dog I used for a few years, dog was faultless other than a couple yards too slow, had a wee red lakie bitch terrier that also earned a decent rep working the warrens an now the wee plummer  my lad got is more than capable enough, most dogs if given ENOUGH time on top a burries will pick it up an make themselves useful 👍

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A collie cross lab that a old lad had .that bitch never missed checked every warren always marked true  worked nets like she knew we're stuff would bolt caught a serious amount to  would work a long net and gate nets like she was born to it  she was a pleasure to watch not much to look at but took more gear than most wasn't much on a light but nets I don't think I have seen better and took some serious weather without a moan 

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Either of these two. Scout (the black and tan bitch) had a superior nose and was much quicker off the mark, but Rust (the red and tan male) had the knack of being in the right place at the right time.

Screenshot 2021-09-17 09.55.28.png

Screenshot 2021-12-03 10.44.55.png

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