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Best cross you've seen .

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I once tried a wee Bedlington/Border....👍  

If you’ve got loads game any dog can look great , it’s when there’s not a lot there and they still find when you know you’ve got a good un 

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I did once see some jack russel x chouha all related long bodied tiny thing but things could hunt i got some good pics of them but prob not suitable for here had to be seen to be believed. I see them catch a munty in quite a fast flowing river and never once let up.was like bullets through bramble

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3 hours ago, Gene said:

How have you found your bushers when you've come across squirrels, my uncles Patterdale that I've posted pictures of would literally start eating a tree if he chased a squirrel up it, and I mean like a beaver, would have to be broke off the thing. 😁

My old kelpies got really pissed off if they tree a squirrel. Very different to rabbit. With rabbit they stood still, pointed and said, "where are the ferrets,"...well, apart from Scout who went to ground if possible...but with squirrel they'd shout at them. A bit different now as we very rarely see rabbit and Noggin and Maud tend to treat squirrel in the same way that Rusty and Amber treated rabbit. I wonder if that's because I never used to use a catapult.🤔

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6 hours ago, C.green said:

We got a cocker bitch on the team ive seen it have a mouthful on 4 species absolutely deer mad she is if hes there shell find him and ive got to be truthful even though it pains me to admit ive seen her bolt muntjac and water deer where terriers have failed.

A long time ago now (80s or 90s I think) a friend of my dad (who's always used terriers for bushing) bought himself a cocker. He said it was far more driven than his terriers and I believe he eventually gave up terriers and moved completely to the cockers.

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