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Saluki x grey

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Like a bull cross  but crapper 

young pup i was kindly gifted coming on nicely.full of temper and drive 8mth old.  


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5 hours ago, Bangersanmash said:

Ya talk like a c**t mc give your head a shake lad. That's old news Irish dog English dog.. That was on here in 2014 fella.. jealousy gets you nowhere kid 

jealousy ? your in the england id be going for english bred dogs that are stamina packed and can stick on with the real hares 

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5 hours ago, Bangersanmash said:

Seen a few of lucas bred dogs run in flesh the lads I'm talking about from Manchester had a few good ones mate. Out of inka an the crow and another bitch he had the lad he used lucas over all nice dogs many look the same with the colour of lucas being dominant the black an tan. Yeah seen the clip of that haggis before. He doesn't kennel shit that vickers. Seen a few dogs of his on dvds.. A lent many of my dvds out an not got the c**ts back lol

i had a day out with an old boy  lives round the corner from chalky lucas crow i think looked  a picture 

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7 minutes ago, Langford said:

I'm Langford my friend, I've never heard of Sam Langford if I'm being honest, does she have a good boxing record then?


Aye, 'she' wasn't too bad.

You might wanna read up on it.  ? ? ?

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