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Wood work no bother 😂

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I spent a few hours today putting this to up  , as this is directly under a flight line for crows on there way to the silage storage area on the dairy farm , once it was up 

I had a play and took 36 , I did Take  some photos with the camera as I was using the caller for that purpose FBADDA13-91D3-4CE4-9500-4BBBB73015BC.jpeg.a584483288baed1af9ba025076f01c9e.jpegC8BE8FED-5FFC-4BC3-948B-E9FE0529479B.jpeg.ad49e7a9b85e9239ba91745dc0da6178.jpeg815DE33C-B150-4987-8EBA-C6AB4A6D2663.jpeg.884d3e4343c05e37113f689224bd56c8.jpeg684E99F0-0F97-49EB-BE53-D7034297528C.jpeg.ea52b154a4521ec73fd289d9d7927286.jpeg

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On 07/05/2022 at 23:15, David.evans said:

I did Take  some photos with the camera as I was using the caller for that purpose 


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On 08/05/2022 at 18:40, Dervburner said:

Yerr, why do you think his trousers are hanging up on the pallet? 😂


On 08/05/2022 at 18:43, Sausagedog said:

It was the gay beretta that give it away!

Well you to sarcasm gits , that your invitation out the Fukien window 😂😉

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