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2 minutes ago, Cocknose said:

Don’t mind don pal loves to act hard online 


1 minute ago, Bearfoot said:

🤣Eye bob madden from Hamilton nothing to hide 

 Na bobs like you, he throws the threats then his arse falls out😆 tried to threaten me way his brother, then my own mates 😆😆😆😆

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I bought one a few years ago. It was an old dog kennel the keeper used on the grouse moor. Jumped through hoops with planning, managed to get a small extension agreed and now rent it out. 

Don't think the locals would be impressed getting swamped by a horde of inbred ,velocity faced ,shi t talking ,nonce looking oddities that make up the air gunners community ,,every weekend.

The mrs and me went to a place last year up in the mountains….  The shitter was a waste paper basket with a placcy bag full of sawdust 😂  Little gas set up for cooking. A

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1 minute ago, Bearfoot said:

Its called rizing above its only the Internet love 💘 🤣best leave the land alone is my advice 

 Is that what it’s called 😆

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4 minutes ago, Bearfoot said:

Eye thats what its called 😍

I thought it was called cowardice, funny that 😂 you an cockhead, I mean cocknose are a nice match, hope yous are happy, cut fae the same cloth 😁

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Just now, Cocknose said:

We see through ya! Apparently according  to mushroom tha breath stinks of shit 

Apparently eh 😆 your patheticc honestly, that’s how folk see through you with every fake account, cos nobody else is that pathetic 😆

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Just now, Bearfoot said:

Love at first sight my family have had great achievements mostly academics 🤣 some oxford no bad fa a council scheme i reckon 😉 ceo of massive English companys eye no ones interested in yr family i.no youl say that but I am its a great family 👪 ❤ anyway lover grow up 

Waffling again Bob 🤯

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