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.I am new to airgunning and have a question. I have an area 11 metres away where rats feed calmly. I have a .22 bsa lightening se and pard 007. I have noticed that when I zeroed the scope, all seemed fine. I could group the shots closely at 25, 20  and 15 metres. The use of the night vision pard seems to have thrown off the grouping as when I aim at a target at 11metres, the shots are spread up to 45 millimetres apart.  I have tried hold under on one mil dot, then 2 mil dots and can't get a consistent grouping on target. I now am at a loss as what is causing the issue.  Any ideas please?

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Fitting a 007 will mean that the way you hold the rifle will be much different than how you would normally hold it when shooting. This is a very important factor when shooting recoiling spring powered airguns and will likely cause accuracy problems.

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Other than grip/hold, are you convinced the Pard is FIRMLY fixed to the gun, very slight movement can cause shotgun patterns in target!

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007 would not cause shot gun pattern 

lts only a camera and not a scope 

probably you might be shooting on to higher mag specially with the pard fitted . 

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