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Old age has many benefits. Unfortunately, possessing a defective prostate gland ain't one.  The most embarrassing  occurrence was when a female urologist in her thirties came to examine me. She d

Its only meeeeee , had my operation yesterday,   its like having a hosepipe twixt my thighs now, my flow is that good, they sent me home wit a recuperation sheet, avoid an erection if possible,   eh  

Probably explains why he was moaning then 

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16 minutes ago, iworkwhippets said:

Thanks lads, they have done some tests on me, and I need emergency operation, and this place is packed I'm just waiting for  bed 

Take care mate and good luck

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Hey up lads, finally been put on a ward  , I'm having problems passing water, I was in hospital only last week with the same problem, but was sent home with anti biotics, so u can see, they didn't work, they tried getting a catheter up me before I wad admitted, dear god above, blood all over the place, I have to wait now till morning before being seen by a neurologist, if things get worse I've been given an emergency button,   thanks for caring lads 

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All the best Keith hope you get comfortable soon, messing about with japs eyes and arseoles always seem to be the norm for a spell in hospital get better soon 👍 

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