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First drillings

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11 hours ago, Jacko3275 said:

How did you get on 

not as good as expected, as is always the case. couple of dozen + 5 big carrion crows.

crows were a nice bonus, always think i have done some good when i get them. (seen too many carryong chicks

back to the nest for food). shot well with the new MK38 taking some good 40yd high birds. got a bit of a tan too !!

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well, yesterday was a bit better.

the peas are up and the pigeons decided they liked the taste !

a nice 15-20mph wind was blowing and i had seen some movement on the field in the last few days.

a pleasant afternoons shooting ended with 109 picked and in the chiller. one purple patch saw me on around

40 birds for 2 boxes of shells.. very happy with that. still had the odd silly miss for unknown reasons though lol

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everything went a bit quiet, then a patch of wheat caught fire....

the stem was burnt away just leaving the charred head of the wheat, the grain was still ok and is 

scattered all over a 1 acre plot. there is a lot, a bird would not have to move more than a couple of foot to fill up !!

64 crows and 24 pigeons was the latest bag. in the end i stopped shooting the pigeons and concentrated on the crows

as i thought i was doing more good that way by protecting the song brds, skylarks and lapwings in the area as well as protecting the

remaining crop. not a bad afternoon for 3 hrs shooting.

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