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Bark collars?

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Dogs whining anyone recommend a decent collar? I’ve got one of the remote control ones but I need one that sets itself of when I’m at work any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

kind regards 

jake w

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They may work on lurchers and it worked for two days on my Parson Russell, then he ignored it. The other terriers didn't even acknowledge it at all, lol. Other thing is don't keep intact male dogs if you don't like whining.

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I have found the sportdog one to be excellent bit pricey compared to some but I have it nearly 6yrs now.

You can set sensitivity and stim level, so can stop whining as well as barking..

The whining is worst, and big bones only work periodically.

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Had one that stayed on , and i had been out most of the day so could of been on all day.

As soon as you take it off dogs start up again if you leave it on the metal prongs dig in to the neck. Your ment to use dummy ones so dog still thinks has live one on.

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