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Sorted 10 of these lumps out for a young lad,, so from this ,to this .. I was going to add nice new black rings until I seen the mesh size !! Only 3" stretched!! , Poor lad paid £3 quid per net .. 



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That's what people are selling as purse nets😠 its a disgrace for a couple extra pence the kid could of have well made nets from the likes of you, me, Nelson but some thing buy a sheet of netting cut it botch a couple of rings on and sell them as purse nets

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That's it Netmaker,, these so called rabbit net suppliers should learn 1st to actually supply sheet netting stitched in a fashion that actually works ,, and to charge a young lad that amount is taking the piss ,, but so called net suppliers these days ain't into looking after the young ,, which are the future .. which tbh ain't looking good .. 

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There was a guy on one of the facebook sites asking how to make nets last week this week hes advertising them for sale LOL LOL 

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