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InfiRay tube tl35 thermal scope

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Evening all,  does anyone have one of these or have first hand experience of them ?  I like the fact that it's zeroed in the "traditional " fashion with turrets that you can actually achieve a fine zero which I was never able to with my pulsar.

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I have tried all these scopes...

The iray models have a huge boot up delay like 12-15 seconds before a reticule is displayed, they have lag when panning left to right of around 1 second. The display on the TL35 the bottom corners of the display are cut off.... image wise they are ok being 12 micron, but sensitivity wise there not great for background detail, no scaled PIP image, etc.. Torn between iRay or Hik, I would choose Hik for image and price...

Depends what you want though, if you want the best long range image... the Senopex A5 has a better image and detail than every model of iRay and Hik including the 640 models and it only retails at £2550 ,out of stock at the minute ... not the prettiest looking, but looks don't kill... A7 is the best long range scope available anywhere in the UK for £2979.99. Next step up is the S models which will be amazing again, in fact unsurpassed by anything image wise...

Magazines and Youtube are awash with absolute blaggers and free loaders so beware of what you take in....


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First off I shall be right up front and say that I don’t have an InfiRay tube TL35. For that matter I haven’t even looked through one or handled one. The closest that I have got is to look at one in a display cabinet. Further, I don’t have a dog is this fight either. I don’t sell thermals, promote any particular brand or have any interest apart from being a user of NV gear in general and am always looking for what suits my needs and best bang for my buck. - Damn, but that sounded like a lot of drivell.

Anyway, a few months ago I did give consideration to a tube TL35 but dismissed it for my use because of two primary reasons. 
1/.  It didn’t have a range finder.
2/.  In its standard form it was not quick detach.

The first reason is of prime importance to me. Shooting out to 300 meters at night, knowing the distance is critical. At night, depth perception is just not there and I have been so wrong in estimating distances in the past and lost too many animals that, apart from being in a paddock where I know the maximum distance from one end to another, I will not shoot at night without a rangefinder. I do have a rangefinder on my Conotech Tracer monocular, but I also have competition for that from my lovely wife so I can’t always guarantee that it is available to me.

Second reason. Quick detach. I am sure that one could put quick detach rings on the tube TL35 but the Infiray GL35R comes with them as standard and that is the one I finally opted for. I intend changing it out between the .270 and the .223 and Sharon is already making noises that she would like to use it on her .308. Quick detach also has the advantage that you can use the device as a spotter and quickly attach back on the rifle as you spot an animal. Scanning a field with a device permanently attached to the rifle gets old very quickly.



Another plus with the GL35R, for Sharon and I, is that it comes standard with a compass and inclination/declination indicator. Now the compass is pretty basic but it has already served us well with locating a downed deer on a hillside in thick scrub. When shooting a deer at night and it just collapses into the thick scrub that we work in, they can be notorious to find. Having a bearing, distance and inclination we were able to pinpoint exactly where it fell.

Now, I agree with Ian in terms of the slow boot-up time, but for us it's not a biggy in that once we start the device at the beginning of a hunt it usually stays on but in standby mode. If we are stationary for any length of time we utilise the time to just plug in a lead attached to a small battery pack, usually carried in a top pocket. This way, when either of us sees an animal and start the stalk we know that we have a full battery and won’t lose power at a critical time.

Anyway, those are the reasons that we chose against the TL35 as they pertain to our style of hunting at night.


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