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This is a very reluctant post as Sadly I need to rehome my dog. I’m posting on here first because he is bred for work and has plenty of potential. He is a 10 months old, mixed terrier. Jack Russell, some bull terrier and some scent hound blood in there. Reason for rehoming him is I have a young family at home and my wife is struggling to cope with him and the kids while I’m at work. He’s a lovely dog but needs a firm and experienced hand to keep him in check and sadly I can’t be there all the time. He’s good with the kids, playful but a bit boisterous and excitable but never shown any aggression. He’s not aggressive towards other dogs either but again gets a little excited and would benefit from being around a few older, calmer dogs I think. He’s house trained, and good with basic commands although his recall is hit and miss, especially when he gets a sniff of something interesting so that might need a little more work. He’s a big lump of a lad as far as terriers go. Fit, strong and very capable. I bought him with a view to working him but it just hasn’t worked out and I haven’t been able to give him the time he needs. He’s keen and will  make a great worker for someone that’s got the experience and knowledge to get the best out of him. He’s intact, had all his jabs, and up to date with flea and worm treatment. I’m not looking to make money from him, I just want him to go to a good, genuine, working home, as I think that’s what he needs. South yorks area. Please DM if interested. 


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