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Russia Ukraine ww3 we're all going to die!!

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I'm going to my bunker, can someone pm me when it's safe to come out. 

True story, I knew a lad lived in a flat who had a bedroom for his horticultural interests, I phoned him when he was at home and said "Mate, make sure your extraction is on point, the bizzies are flyi

Kim jong un … xi of China and putin didn’t know what to make of trump … would he bomb them would he ban all imports from their country would he massively sanction them … and that uncertainty i what st

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A wartime economy will benefit russia more than it will us, they're pretty much self sufficient in everything that matters.

Russia aren't any more scared of western Europe than Hitler was. They respect America but they have China on side.

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8 hours ago, Bush Rummager said:

Sorry about that Diodo mate.. i couldn't resist it and i know you're up for a laugh, so hopefully no harm done!!

Tell us about the pic behind you mate please.. a fell pack i guess?? i like the looks of it!!

I reckon if you dropped the Todhunter burns... your lass would open up for you again!!😂👍

You started off being nice then.....started slagging my sideburns off! Couldn't help yourself! 

It's from Neil sailsbury at Betty Ford. Ullswater I think 👍

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59 minutes ago, Arry said:

The White House has condemned the comments made by Mr Trump and said they try not to  "take advice from anyone who praises Putin and his military strategy".

Cheers Arry

The whitehouse has the cheek to say anything,theve decimated the middleast an parts of Africa,I don't know if putins much better,but the Yanks have the f***ing cheek.

Everyone knows it's all a show,the Yanks want the resources an so do russia,who are they trying to kid.

All goverments around the world should be disbanded an power given back to the people in a low capacity,far to much power,were under there control.

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8 minutes ago, VOON said:

So does that mean that NATO was correct about Putin’s intentions all along, if this is an invasion.

What does nato actually do for anybody,f**k all just big wages an nothing done,nato are a f***ing joke voon,they've never done anything but talk,complete joker,same with the un,they all need disbanded.

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Nato should just nuke Moscow and  Petersburg f**k the little b*****d putin give the war he wants no point having these weapons if they never going to use them launch them bad boys first 

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Us the people are expendable,were are the cattle,the govs around the world have us were they want us,the goverments are all in a big club picking an choosing who gets what or who's invading who,or who get what resources,it's a f***ing scam,an we lap it up taking sides,putin macron Biden waines ain't going to fight there all sitting back an letting our children do the dirty work,an we lap it up like clowns,all well.

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