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Price of rabbits

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Straight swap for decent meat that’s actually edible 😁

90 quid each here 

Can have mine for £3 and you name profit lol 

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1 hour ago, gamerooster said:

What are people getting for there rabbits? Getting roughly 5 quid here for them but struggling for the numbers.

Fs I have to give mine away to people no one buys them over here 

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3 minutes ago, Havelightforcewilltravel said:

Would you mind telling me we’re you get it from please used to get full tripes no problem all changed now.

You can phone and order full tripe will send u a message 

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4 hours ago, gamerooster said:

I get 50 for my new zealand white does. Giants are fetching 150-200. Madness

You breed them gamerooster? How you find it? fancying it for the kids…. always grew up with racing pigeons but haven’t the time or interest in racing them was a great education about how life works 

thought one buck two does to start for breeding more for freezer than for a pound but I do tend to get carried away with myself 


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Well. In this area the price has stayed constant with the price of a pint of bitter, so, over the years I’ve been getting £1.50 to £4.00 at today’s rates.  I wonder if anyone in the East Midlands area, Ashby de la Zouch, remembers Rushtons . All our game was destined for Chicks shop and would be hung up outside. It was a wonderful sight. ( Chick didn’t pay the above prices which probably is why he owns most of the town). Jok.

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