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Plinking today

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Took a couple of springers out for a plink this afternoon. I just grabbed a few tins of different pellets in .22 & .25 and stuck a couple of targets up. Well, I might be a bit rusty with the spring guns but the .25’s were all over the place at 40 yards. I was doing ok with the .22 H&N ftt’s but only had a few left so had a go with jsb exact rs and bisley superfield, both not too bad at 40 yards. The .25’s on the other hand were not so good, so I moved the target in to what paced out at 28 good strides. Anyway, the milbro rhinos just wouldn’t group at that range. RWS superdomes were better, as were bisley superfield .25’s but the bisley pest control were by far the best. I wouldn’t normally push a 12ft lbs .25 much beyond 20 yards for live quarry anyway. Just took a few pics before the light failed....





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Christened my TX200 .177 with 10 rats friday night. All head shots around 20yds. Its been tuned and shoots lovely. I do have a bit of a problem loading due to a dodgey thumb though. I dont think I would be able to do that with a .25  but maybe in better hands?  Its a hard hitting pellet though, I had a FAC years ago (pcp)


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