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Excellent job I think the next thing I might give a go at is making a small purse net and see how I go as I am unable to find anything like that in Australia. I do though have a trammel net that was once a fishing net that I picked up along the line and removed the floats and weights. Un sure on the mesh size but it does work well when I get a chance I will post up a picture of it and the size of both meshes.  You have done a great job. 

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That would be fantastic if you could send me his details. Anyway this is one of the nets I have been using the mesh size on the small mesh is 40mm square and the larger one is 100mm square  I have one set up in a quick set net system that I built my own basket with the help of many people from this site and the net is80 meters long with the poles 8 feet apart and found it to work very well . Don’t have any photos of it set up but next ti e I use it I will take some. S766A5D24-39E1-4876-AEEE-20CBF52B5324.png.daa102d8df1fa799972c6fc071e5a081.png26D3C5C0-6D68-445D-9C6B-8439C9C54C86.png.ae3376d5f483a1e12f7485ebb5f4cd22.png26D3C5C0-6D68-445D-9C6B-8439C9C54C86.png.ae3376d5f483a1e12f7485ebb5f4cd22.png



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