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pups for sale....maxhardcore

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my good friend maxharcore has a few pups spare from a litter he bred  the Dam is out of Fettle and Splodge put to a pure greyhound ...Art banksy ....the sire to the pups is a non ped racing whipp

Regardless of Maxs views on things and what folk think about him no one can deny he runs and breeds  top notch stuff the lad certainly knows his dogs 😉 and I'm sure they will get the home they deserve

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Tomo..... Should make nice pups them mate. I like the look of the Dam and that Art Banksy was a decent animal in his day on the track , had a few shilling on him a few times in the past  😉

Don't know anything about the Sire, but with Charts saying he's one of the fastest about should really make some "Up and at um" types

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2 hours ago, MR RABBIT said:

I don't want to be disrespectful but when did whip Grey's become 1/2 a grand ,,unless read it wrong not poor man's dog now 

I agree but I also think it seems to be the going rate nowadays for a lot of certain type lurcher pup's I have been flabbergasted by some of the prices of whippet Bedlington pup's on the Internet I have seen. 

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