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Dog shocked by electric fence

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Hi folks 

While out hunting my 14 month old Springer got shock from electric fence. Did not Hunt after that just walked to heel...I took him home and the next day he as Normal till a shot was fired,,and did not Hunt with the intensity,I think he is associated the shot with the fence...no issues with shot beforehand,any ideas how to get him back to normal

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Did you fire a shot as he hit the fence? 


Just run him on game a bit he should fire back up. 


Dangerous things those electric fences, get a shock at the wrong time and it can totally ruin a dog. My mates lab picked a bird as it landed on one, she got a nasty shock and never picked game again. 

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Watched my father walk in to one of those fences. The wire ran across both thighs. Shocked the crap out of him. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m laughing just thinking about it. 

As for your dog, I think just running him in scent rich areas a bunch will get he back on form. Maybe leave the gun a home a few and just let him flush some game without any shots, and then layer the gun back in, just to be on the safe side. 

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I was out shooting with the rimmy and the fence had a electric strand sticking a foot off it i went to lean on the fence and i swear it must of been wired into the mains LOL 

One of the lurchers hit a strand of electric fence with its tail knocked the stuffing out her for a bit and every time we went up that hill she remembered about it but was fine elsewhere 

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