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Does this snare look ok?

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Lewis; Any man who says he set his first wires without instruction and didn't hang them in burrow mouths is most probably a fukking liar!

I know I for sure as hell did exactly what you're trying there. I also took my first ferret out and stood there, peering down the fukking hole, waiting for the rabbit to appear! :icon_redface:

There used to be a load of stuff, on here. Man by the name of G.S. Waters is the one. He's put out a few small books, I believe? Find anything by him and you're made.

Few enough of the Real Deal bother with this place any more. " Micky " uses Mr Waters' ways. Use the search button and check out his posts. That'll give ye a better idea.

For finer detail? Look for anything pertaining to Hoop / Peg / Fence snare. And mentions of Glen / G / Mr Waters / God.

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Mate theres no point putting them on a burrow there creeping out looking for predators you need to put them on a run and you had to must wood round your other snare trying to guide them in to it 

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43 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

im trying to find a video to show you how to load the snare, it’s hard to explain, but you run it between your thumb an finger tips as you make your way around the snare an it spring loads it with tension 👍

I think that guy can make snares ok but I don't think he sets tomany of them 🤔 

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2 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

I’m just trying to find a video of how to load one, it’s hard to describe but dead easy tj do if you see it done an practice a little 👍

Ur right nearly takes someone to show you when I was young lad I work on fishing boats used to go witeheaven to fish when we docked old.boy used to take me.snareing learned me alot iam sure he's passed away now God bless him he was a.old gentleman and know the game inside out 

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