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Rifle ammo or calibre??

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1 hour ago, Sausagedog said:

Hmr operate at a velocity where copper deposits build up. Just the same as most center fires.

After a while they need a good copper solvent.

Totally agree. KG12 copper solvent or something similar will do the trick . I keep my barrels spotless and don’t have any problems. On the other hand I rarely clean my 22lr barrel until I start to notice the accuracy dropping off a bit , then I use a lead solvent cleaner and then put a few shots down range to get things back on track . 


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Gave it a clean last night    93yds 

I've been enjoying the cz 455 I just got in 17hmr. I also acquired some of the ammunition from that notorious time when the cases were splitting! Ever likely folk were put off, me included!

My 457 took this dog fox tonight. Nice 100yd shot. Totally ignored the spotter lamp and the gun lamp. Had to stop him for the shot. Perfect placement and complete pass through. Ran 40yds and pile

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4 hours ago, BenBhoy said:

It's a new box of hornady vmax 17gn. I'm gonna try get some 20grn gamepoint tomorrow 

Worth a try but I find these tend to zip right through with little expansion.

I'd check the zero with the 17g V-Max!  That will confirm 2 things, first, that the ammo batch is fine (or not) and second, it is accurate!

Cleaning has been mentioned, you will get all reactions to this from NEVER clean it, the zero takes ages to come back, or my view, clean it regularly, but make sure you clean it thoroughly.  Too many people give them a quick run through, simply raise fouling and then complain its worse than before they started.   And be careful, that tiny little bore needs to be treated with care!!!!:thumbs:

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14 minutes ago, Sausagedog said:

With copper solvent?

No that's not arrived yet mate, just napier. It's definitely getting a good clean with copper cleaner too as I'm not happy with groups I did at dinnertime 😞

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57 minutes ago, David.evans said:

Has you group tightened up ben , it should be better than 2” at a hundred mate 


It was alright but then get a random flyer. Definitely not happy with it mate. Give it thorough clean once copper cleaner gets here. 

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11 hours ago, David.evans said:

Has you group tightened up ben , it should be better than 2” at a hundred mate 


Not being funny but, right situation, it should be less than 1", if mine ever goes outside 1" it's back to the drawing board! :thumbs:

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On 18/11/2021 at 14:44, Dervburner said:

The thing with hmr ballistic tips is inconsistent fragmentation. It depends what they strike in the body of a small animal or bird, that determines the terminal effect. If they only contact soft tissue, not a vital organ, they can pass through with very little expansion, therefore not always an instant kill. But then, I might be talking crap, it has been known😂👍

I thought Hornady only guaranteed expansion up to 175 yds with the 17 g. I have had rounds passing straight through bunnies at 200 + yds

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