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Think you will probably find the new repro Mk1 will pick a 15 foot collar up at 15 foot. The only difference between the old 8 foot Mk1 and the 15 foot Mk1 is the sticker on the thumb wheel and you ca

The bloke I spoke to (Peter) said that an 8ft was easy to make but the 15ft is a lot harder and they were struggling to make them reliable and reasonable sized.    Id agree, the main thing I’ve

I had a few old 15 ft terrier collars,and cut them down and fixed them to new collars, ideal for my hobs,but found my Jill's struggled with them,only difference is a bigger collar that takes 2 batteri

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19 hours ago, Netmaker said:

the 15ft ferret collars are totally different from the 15ft terrier they look similar to the 8ft micro ferret collars and adding a terrier cap on to a 8ft ferret collar wont turn in to a 15ft collar

Fair enough I stand corrected, if you extend collar cap to add another battery it gives it more range so maybe someone can make longer caps as you used to get  for 15’ terrier collars, took them to 20’

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1 hour ago, Netmaker said:

I still can't see how adding an extra battery gives greater range maybe i am missing something

It probably does mate the 8 foot has one 1.5 volt battery the 15 foot has two stacked so gives 3 volts so perhaps its more power more range. Personally I would not try it as the wires in the collars are very fine I smashed one that I could not get working to see what was in them. Could end up f***ing a good collar by over loading it so to speak.

Cheers Arry

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2 hours ago, Netmaker said:

That's what I mean Arry if the 8ft collar was meant to have two battery's then the people that make then would state that two battery's are needed  as they do with the 15 ft collar  I wont be trying it


I'm not saying it won't work if you could make a cap. Logically I think it might but I would not risk a good collar unless you have a spare you don't care about.

Better to keep looking for a 15 footer.

Cheers Arry

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