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Fox control

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Im not fully used to this particular Thermal scope yet..i keep forgetting to press the record button!
Anyways set up in my usual position approximately 70 Yds..i know I’m old school..can’t get on with this metres malarkey!
We earlier had McDonald’s BigMac meals so i grabbed/salvaged some of the leftovers,positioned them in my ambush point and waited ..40 mins later in from the right came the heat signal and clear picture of a large Charlie ambling over to investigate the lovely smell of BigMac & Fries!
I always set up the thermal scope via Bluetooth to my phone which is a lot easier than swinging the empty un-cocked rifle about.hence as soon as the fox comes into view I’ve only got about 20 seconds to put on my ear defenders,cock the bolt down into the Tikka .223,take my glasses off..then remember to press the record button and finally get ready to take the shot.
Got the 1st Charlie..boiler house shot ..instant lights out,go out and set him out as a decoy near the grub.
After about an hour and half in comes Charlie no 2 coming from the front about 119 Yds and looking and movingly gingerly very focused/purposely on to a free meal and his friend almost tucking away.
This time i remembered to turn on the record button the moment i saw the heat signal.
Waited a few seconds for him to come with in my kill zone and another clean shot..the main things..i remembered to get it all on record and both the Charlie’s had no idea any one was even there!
P.S I’m only able to put a picture up of an earlier foray of 3 foxes on here..as i can’t upload video of yesterday’s outing.



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