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Any help finding this


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My mate bought an additional piece to go on to his lamp and the connectors are a different size to each other,one is just marginally larger than the other,

The connection on the left is bigger than the right,the bit he bought is from a lightforce lamp,but the lamp he uses is different,a predator lamp I think....anyone know if there's others of the same available,I thought they'd be standard but apparently not.....anyone know where it can be got,he obviously tried the supplier but it didn't work out




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On 09/11/2021 at 00:25, ukhunter said:

i still have a load of deben lamp connectors in the shed

ill have look tomorrow as i may have something

That could be the answer!!!

I had this issue when I was doing some work on my Deben lamps and battery connections, seems only Deben sell the same fittings, I found some close (as in this thread) and ended up rewiring the whole thing, bit of a pain really!

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