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I was about to put my ferrets down a set of holes but seem a lot of stuff like bits of bones, big poos and rabbit fur mixed with stuff lying around and these holes don’t look as nice as they did a fortnight ago because there’s less rabbit droppings and the holes don’t look as fresh with a lot of grass around them. There’s the occasional rabbit droppings here but does this mean that there’s mink here now?





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Don't know Lewis seems to be a lot of plastic in those bits of fur looks more like a dog has spewed up to me. The shit could be a hedgehog I have a few in my garden and that looks very similar. I have bolted Mink a few times and just let the buggers get out of the nets by them selfs. Nearly dived on one day thought it was a black rabbit Lol. They don't seem to stop in one place long and never seen any mess around where I bolted them from. Sorry not much help mate I would leave the holes for a while if you did them not long ago, give them a rest so to speak.

Cheers Arry

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