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Gain 28

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Can any of you lads that feed your dogs on this have a look at the bag n let me know how many calories per 100 grams please a keeper mate's asked me he's emailed the company but no response for some reason even tho he'll buy a ton if suits, cheers.. 

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My mate and his Oldman had an endless supply of peters pies/pastys....would mix it up in a massive tea urn with some kibble,what ever else was about, under a gas burner...walk out in the yard and 'tre

You are right there fellah👏 Its amazing what some dogs can survive on,...mind you, the poor feckers don't have much of a say in the matter, now do they😀  As for Vitalin,. well, I used to feed all

Raw feed all way

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His dogs are working 5 days a week now so wants to up there protein without minimizing on calories which is as if not more important when in heavy work, iv told him to use dr john's new 30 20 feed as I rate it  but it's almost double the price of gain n he's 8 dogs on.. 

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Dr john's brought a new feed out a couple of months ago called hypoallergenic 30% protein 20% fat n 400 calories per 100 grams I'm on my 4th or 5th bag n can't fault it mate but its 20 odd a sack still better n cheaper than others tho I was using millies wolf heart peak performance before this at 48 a bag but find this 30 20 stuff better. 

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20 minutes ago, twelsh said:

Raw feed all way

I agree with you but dry as a main base suits my life style n current situation right now having said that tho although I prefer raw I don't think it's good enough on its own if your out alot even if you get it bang on with the 80 10 10 mix they need other things added to it is what iv found anyway.

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9 minutes ago, Francie said:

Some gain bombs of that stuff big yellow dung dodger lol

I mix red mills 28 racer  with raw,when I changed over there shit got smaller,darker an firm not pastey,its the same price as gain.

How you doin pal cheers do you have the analysis for the red mills 

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